Qali is a freelance multi-faceted creator who covers all things lifestyle from mental health, to travel and music. Her global outlook and her life living between and across cultures gives a well-rounded and unique approach to her content.

Her nomadic influences is seen in her work, where she takes you on a journey through our common humanity. She aims to use the art of storytelling on the internet for social change and positive social impact.

She has experiences in advocacy and public health and has worked with NGO’s, heads of development organisations and publications to better understand the best way to communicate and convey their stories effectively.

There is space for us everywhere we go. When there is empathy and compassion, we can build bridges to people we never knew and find a home wherever we go

Qali is a blogger and when she isn’t reflecting on how to lead a life of fulfilment and purpose, she can be found listening to new music releases and travelling the world. She has written for platforms such as PopSugar USA, OkayAfrica, Elite Daily on topics ranging from travel, culture, music and health. Her travel photography can also most recently be found in Vogue Arabia. 

For business inquiries please check out ‘Work With Me‘ page.