Qali Id


Growing up in a humanitarian household meant moving and exploring countries as a family quite often. Writing and photography became the way that I not only documented the world around me but processed it too.

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I’ve come full circle and now work in the humanitarian sector. In May 2018, I began working in Somalia as a advocacy and policy coordinator in the areas of Child Protection, SGBV and Global Health. All the while, I still am a freelance photographer and writer in the travel industry.

Travelling the world and living in the midst of different cultures and communities has taught me more about the world and humanity than all my years in education ever could. I am interested in documenting the stories behind the people, places, languages and histories that we all know, because at the very core of who we are – the heartbeats, the pulsating roots and the breaths of mother nature can assure us one thing – we’re all the same. That’s where my love for life and seeing the world comes from and my drive for connection and becoming the best versions of ourselves.

So welcome to where I document and showcase my work and thoughts. For any queries please email: beingqaali@gmail.com