The Surprising Reason Why Some Women Choose to Dress Modestly

I came across a clip from The Real, where the hosts are discussing whether they’ve ever found themselves dressing more modestly in order to avoid being judged by other women. The discussion was kicked off by the findings of a study found in the Social Psychological and Personality Science Journal, which aimed to explore women’s intrasexual competition.

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So this Covid-19?

One person sneezes and everyone’s faces grimace, eyes shoot daggers and all of a sudden someone has been labelled patient zero by tourists and travellers who most likely know nothing about virology, epidemiology or public health. This was the scene travelling in the past week, and it’s interesting to say the least.

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None of this makes sense…it never does.

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#MindfulMondays: The 365 Day Challenge

Shukri Janagale is an educator, artist and entrepeneur who embarked on a 365 day art challenge in 2019. We had a chat about the challenges and obstacles she faced, the learning lessons she took away and how it can be applied to all of our lives.

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The Concept of Virginity Needs to Disappear…Expeditiously

Next week (12-14 Nov) is the Nairobi Summit on ICPD25, which is the 25th anniversary of the International Conference on Population and Development which was held in Cairo in the 90s, which brought together 179 governments to put together and action plan on how to set out to empower women and girls for their sake, and for the benefit of their families, communities and nations.Now in Nairobi anyone who is anybody in the realm of population, development and the rights of girls and women (approx. 7000 people) will arrive in Nairobi to commit to accelerating the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals 2030, in particular those to do with: Read More

Blackface x Lies: When Has The Black Person Ever Been Honoured?

Non-black people have more or less understood that the word Nigger is not for them to say because the history around the word is one of exploitation, oppression, murder, you can continue at your will. We have a couple of people here and there who get a bit too comfortable and thus utter the word and what then happens is an entire onslaught of being put back into your place rather ungracefully and with chunks of hair missing…metaphorically of course and deservedly so. Read More

Emily Kemp

Where the natural hair movement falls short.

It’s no secret that in the past 6 years or so there has been a shift in the hair care industry mainly brought on by people choosing to embrace their natural hair. All over social media there are perfectly curled and coiled influencers, companies that market bouncy, juicy manes, and many ordinary people choosing to love their natural hair. This is not just a celebration but a cultural shift which is so important because shouldn’t we all feel confident at our core, at the root? Read More

Your Selfie Is Magic, Here’s Why You Need To Hang It Up

Okay so before I begin, can we all agree that we all take selfies? It’s 2019, so I am making this sweeping generalisation because if my mother, who has no care for social media, takes photos of herself, I’m certain that most of us do too.

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