Expectations & Acceptance

For almost 2 years we’ve all been scrambling, in one way or another, to grasp onto a sliver of the normal we knew, but this moment is the closest we will be to normal ever. The world will never be the same again.

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I’m spending a lot of time online

How much time do you think you spent online this year? I feel like I spent an obscene amount and I honestly can’t tell you where the year went. I’m convinced that we live in some version of the Truman Show and someone’s revved this up to 2.5x speed.

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Voice is the Next Marketing Frontier

Despite what the past decade has tried to convince us of branding is not new. It is the same principles that mass media conglomerates used to use, that has now been repurposed for the age of social media. I guess what most companies weren’t anticipating was that gaming videos from a teenager in Jakarta could amass more YouTube views than official gaming company channels, or that a 25 year old girl from London could have more cultural currency than your favourite luxury brands. 

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Why You Need To Own Your Platform

In the past couple of months I have been spending time gathering all of my work online – my photography, writing , digital content etc – and housing them on this site, which has always been home to my blog and a little photography but it wasn’t an accurate and detailed representation of what I do. In the past year I have slowly been pivoting towards becoming a full time freelancer and this has meant not just working with clients who I already have a relationship with but also finding new business and opportunities. What is better than a portfolio? Welcoming people into a world you created, curated and own.

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Decriminalising Drugs

Often times when the topic of decriminalisation of drugs come up, many debates are rooted in our own experiences and less so the detrimental effects that criminalisation has on marginalised communities, women, young people, farmers etc, not to mention that addiction is a real disorder and should be treated as such.

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The Concept of Virginity Needs to Disappear…Expeditiously

Next week (12-14 Nov) is the Nairobi Summit on ICPD25, which is the 25th anniversary of the International Conference on Population and Development which was held in Cairo in the 90s, which brought together 179 governments to put together and action plan on how to set out to empower women and girls for their sake, and for the benefit of their families, communities and nations.Now in Nairobi anyone who is anybody in the realm of population, development and the rights of girls and women (approx. 7000 people) will arrive in Nairobi to commit to accelerating the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals 2030, in particular those to do with: Read More

Blackface x Lies: When Has The Black Person Ever Been Honoured?

Non-black people have more or less understood that the word Nigger is not for them to say because the history around the word is one of exploitation, oppression, murder, you can continue at your will. We have a couple of people here and there who get a bit too comfortable and thus utter the word and what then happens is an entire onslaught of being put back into your place rather ungracefully and with chunks of hair missing…metaphorically of course and deservedly so. Read More