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A Smile of Down’s Syndrome

I wrote this piece when I was about 16 or 17 for a speech contest at school. Almost 9 years later, my sister has finished school and is on her way to university. It has taken Allah’s grace and mercy, all four of us in our family, sacrifices, compromises and countless dedicated teachers over the […]

My Songs of Freedom (spoken word)

I only want songs of freedom that go on repeat That don’t stop until the stomping of feet have subsided And the hearts have drowned in the satisfaction of victory I only want songs on repeat if they make my insides scream Like an animal needing to be unleashed I only want to hear it […]

cries (spoken word)

i shiver and shake my voice quakes sentences i cannot make stumble over my words every syllable in haste these are moments very chaste in symmetry no need for word playing skilfully or ignorant bigotry there’s a line in the sand where wrong is wrong and right is right and though my palms are sweaty […]

will i forget me?

I wonder if our mothers long before they were our keepers and their spines had moulded to bear us when their curls still played in the wind, and the sun carressed their skin I wonder if they were much like us fiercely passionate, highly opinionated, fearlessly alive yet so complexly delicate inside and filled with such grande […]