the world and me

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I guess one of the reasons I love moving around so much besides it being the only way I know how to live. It’s that you get a chance to see the natural world. Without people, buildings, technology. You get to experience quiet although the Earth is very much alive. You can be the only person in a 200 mile radius but you’re not the only heartbeat. I’ve said this before it helps me set my life into perspective. This is why I believe. Such immense diversity can not be by chance. No matter how vast this world is there is still an order to it all. The sun rising and setting, the tides, the Earth spinning, the gravitational pull of the moon. Trees losing their leaves, and animals coming out of hibernation. All the way down to our pairs of chromosomes, conception, hair growth cycles…I could go on. But do you get it? We’ve become very much absorbed in our everyday and we very seldom think of all of the ways that we build up karma. You don’t cut down trees and expect shade. You don’t spill toxins into the ocean expecting healthy fish. You don’t pump more carbon into the atmosphere expecting the world to get cooler…and you most certainly don’t keep investing in arms expecting the world to get safer.

I don’t know a whole lot about anything, but I do know that at the very core of us we’re human and irrational. Where some have extraordinary capacity to love and heal, there are double the amount who do the exact opposite. We interpret the world around us from what we know, and everything else that we learn we do from each other. I just pray for a day where choose the path less taken, the one that takes courage….the one of love and respect.


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