Patience & Journey

I have probably mentioned this before, I finished grad school late last year and I’ve been lucking out on finding a job. You would think that that would be my major frustration right? It really isn’t because I’m reasonable and I understant the state of unemployment at the moment… (1) unemployment is high, (2) my field is very specialised and (3) opportunities aren’t that diverse in my field where I am at the moment. So I know that creating my own opportunity and finding the right job will take time.

Time is something I have ample amount of at the moment (needless to say freelancing jobs and I are a good fit for now). For the first time in my life I’m not trying to balance extra-curriculars, school, job etc. which has let me have time to think…A LOT and I’ve come to the conclusion that patience is my biggest struggle.

We can not want the entire world to be at our doorstep overnight. It doesn’t make sense. And let’s say I want to be at a certain level in my career by age ___, I most probably won’t. Not because I can’t but probably because I’m thinking about it in a very arbitrary way where everything is binary. I achieve it or I don’t.

On top of all of this there is also, what seems like, everyone around me going ahead in life doing great things. It’s like an unknown force is holding me back and as much as I have days where I’m extremely negative and feel like I’m at an all time low, I’m also a person of faith and I do believe that there are incredible things out there for me. I just need to continue to keep my head down, work and remain patient because we all have a different path.

You see to create a life and a career that is both successful and sustainable, we need a solid foundation and to achieve that we need to have put in the work. The journey is what I am working on enjoying. The ups and downs that wear out our rough edges. The setbacks that make us sit back and re-evaluate ourselves. It’s healthy to be reminded that we are human and on a journey that is far beyond just a career, one of fulfillment and longevity.

So I hope that this resonates with someone in this vast black-hole called the internet. Let me know how you stay patient? What bumps in your road have given you some pearls of wisdom?


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