Full Moon x Introspection


“This is the only life I have. Why surround myself with halfhearted things? ” – Katharine Anne

I took this a couple of nights ago and it was the most breathtaking view. The entire evening had been very overwhelming to be honest and I literally just sat and watched this piece of art for hours, while contemplating all the aspects of life that make us whole.

The should I/shouldn’t I debate. The instant replay of moments in our life where things could have turned out very different. The deafening silence of thoughts swimming around in your mind before being processed. I just sat there.

It’s so easy to overlook all the ways that we’re blessed. We all may have shadows that follow us, parts of us we don’t want to reveal but being vulnerable not just opens us up to be hurt but also attracts goodness into our lives.

As cliché as it sounds, (I’m really good with the clichés), if we’re not pushing ourselves to live life fully, to live our best lives (no matter what that is to you) and be who we truly are then what are we doing here. Why are we so comfortable at sitting back and letting everything pass us by?

Know yourself, know your worth and be open to sharing your truth with the world. The ones who matter don’t mind.


Tell me what you think…

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