International Peace Day

So Facebook wants to remind me of the International Day of Peace…

…but personally I want urge everyone to read and educate themselves. To have conversations with people different to you. To be aware of what is happening around you because where in the past it seemed that war, disease, terror were so far away from our backyards, we now see that calamities do not discriminate.

Yes in a world of 7 billion+ you are just one person, but to one person you can feel like 7 billion. So don’t look far, but proceed with empathy, with open hearts and vigilant minds. Practice dialogue and stand firm against injustice.

To all those suffering in this world at the hands of evil, politics, impunity, and corruption I pray for you. And to all those suffering from natural disasters you are in my prayers too.

Take a moment today to remember someone else.


Tell me what you think…

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