Just Be You.

When I look inward as to who I am and what I stand for, I’ve always been met with a sense of peace, an anchor. I guess I’m blessed that I had parents that never imposed their ideas or identities on me, but rather just let me learn my way through life. More often than not we are already subconsciously putting ourselves in boxes and labelling ourselves because society has taught us that someone is either one thing or another and rarely ever both. A young girl can’t love her tulle skirt and glitter nail polish and also play rugby better than her brother. So that’s why identity is such a huge topic of popular conversation in recent years, that’s why ‘intersectionality’ is THE buzzword. How about if I’m just lil’ ol’ me and I want to be 10 different things? Does that work? Isn’t it crazy to think that there will be people out there who tell you that you can’t do something? As if they predetermine your ability or your path.

You see when we subconsciously define ourselves through the lens of what we think we should be or what people expect us to be, we’re not being our true selves. I struggle with letting myself be seen, of course not in the physical sense but being vulnerable. It means being your authentic self regardless of whether you’ll be accepted for it or not, and as uncool as it may sound, we all want to be accepted. It’s important however, to keep in mind that even if you lose people along the way, you still get to stand in the light of your truth and you won’t end up losing the one person you’re gonna spend the rest of your life with…yourself.

Yes, it’s a lot easier to just hide behind a label – hide behind your art, your intellect, your looks. But believe me when I tell you that people will let you disappear, because it’s your job to let your voice be heard. You have to believe that you deserve nothing less than greatness and then shout it from the rooftops. I have to thank the people in my life that feel like home; the people that I’m comfortable being myself around. The people who I watch in awe chasing their dreams and in turn inspire me to reach beyond the sky. The people that hype me up to do cool things, and encourage and support me to live true to myself. Without the right people around you, the world has the ability to make you feel lonely and on the edge of insanity. 

  • You can’t measure up to the person next to you – there’s only one you to maximise potential on.  
  • If you cannot learn from your shortcomings, you will never win.  
  • Patience is the foundation to achievement.  
  • Gratitude. Gratitude. Gratitude. 
  • Have faith. 

We’re evolving and you either adapt to the changes around you and grow or you drown in some idea of who you truly are. There is no such thing as the right person to be… so block out the noise and do you.


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