Eid ul-Fitr 2019

Today people everywhere are celebrating the end of the Holy Month of Ramadan. One of the pillars of Islam is the observation of this month, so yes we celebrate and this includes great food and time with your closest people. But I would also like to add that you should also celebrate yourself, and the fact that you were able to push beyond your mind and achieve the smallest to the greatest moments.

People a lot of the time think that the not eating and drinking is the hard part, it’s not. It’s the digging within yourself for every ounce of patience, willpower and faith to become better than you were yesterday. It’s looking at yourself in the mirror and making a sacred promise between yourself and your Creator to be even a hair width better than you were yesterday. It’s deeply spiritual and personal. You went on your journey and got to this side. Allah swt has told us that He will not change a condition of a people until we change within ourselves, so I pray that for each one of you that you will work on that bond.

Now personally my heart weighs heavy because of so many people that are suffering on such a beautiful day. Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, Palestine, Syria, Myanmar, China… this morning at the mosque it was beautiful to see all the love and laughter. The hugs and kisses. The kids running around and doing the most. The noise was incredibly uplifting. The feeling of belonging was heart warming. Many people don’t get that this year. Many have lost loved ones and many will not feast. My heart is with those that face injustices today, tomorrow and everyday…no matter the colour or creed.

So while we laugh and celebrate, let’s also be grateful that our circumstance – His mercy has afforded us that. Take a moment to make dua for someone struggling and hurting. We could all be walking a very different line tomorrow, so be mindful and give thanks for everything before you ask for more.

Eid Mubarak // Ciid Wanaagsan 


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