How To Start

Recently I’ve been having quite a few conversation with people I know about passion projects they want to begin but feeling like they are stuck. Don’t we all feel like that sometimes? The nerves, the endless questions in our mind, it can get quite lonely to overthink real quick.

So, whilst I was running some errands earlier this week, I decided to just speak on how we can all just start.

  1. Procrastination

The fear of the unknown stifles many people. Comparisons and attaining perfection stops people from starting a lot of the time. Shifting our mindset to one of “oh well…at least I tried” is the key. All of us are just figuring things out, what we owe ourselves is to not be the person that looks back and says “what if…” We’re all just figuring things out, there is no right or wrong way. There are a couple of proven methods that can help you beat procrastination: The Pomodoro Technique or the 5 Second Rule. I will let you read through these techniques to build lasting habits.

2. Getting overwhelmed

When starting anything new it is important to start slow and steady. Building a new muscle or habit requires consistent effort, not the heaviest weight. So whatever it is you want to achieve don’t overwhelm and stress yourself by loading on everything at once and then being left with a daunting feeling. Start small even if that is a conversation with someone or doing background research. There is no rush. So whatever it is that has been lingering on your mind, whether a billion dollar idea or picking up a new hobby, know that you can do it but you need to give yourself the time and enjoy the journey.

Let me know your experience with this and what has you helped you get over that hill to start on the road to your dreams.


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