Your heart has to be ready to handle the weight of your calling

Humility has a way of erasing us if we aren’t conscious of how we practice it. There’s a fine line between modesty and lack of self worth. I have watched many use humility as an excuse for withdrawing from their God-given place in this world just to stay comfortable in their safe space. I have been guilty of this at times unfortunately. I’ve never been to good at owning my excellence and staying in the background has always felt more comfortable to me. Dismissing praise and not celebrating achievements.

I recently was speaking to a friend and in a stream of consciousness I admitted that I have played it safe for many years because stepping into my destiny scares me. Does that sound insane? So when I heard bell hooks sayyour heart has to be ready to handle the weight of your calling” I knew exactly what she was talking about because I have been grappling with this for some time, especially this year.

If we sit back and ask ourselves what it is that makes us stand out? What makes us irreplaceable in the work place? What makes people gravitate towards us? How we bring light to the world? We will understand our unique power and when we know that we are one step into our calling and beginning a fulfilling journey.

This world is temporary and our time on it finite. This year I veered away from my purpose and I felt drained, uninspired and hollow. I did it consciously because some chapters are for uncomfortable truths and capitalism. But to live a life fulfilled we need to be courageous about stepping into our destinies, we have to be fearless and unapologetic.

Celebrate yourself, be proud of your achievements, recognise the hard work you put in…understand that you are worthy and you’re here. Be loud, bold and all of you.


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