Musings & Music: self-worth and a rap filled week

The weekend is upon us and I know that I need it, it’s been a busy week with the Kenyan Election keeping the entire country on the edges of their seats, commissioned writing and hosting some guests that are in town. How was your week? What did you get up to?

I have been thinking about self-worth lately and more so this week. Our worth should always come from ourselves but sometimes there are outside influences and experiences that can sway how we feel about ourselves. I mean Joe in the Princess Diaries says it best “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” and yes I am completely erasing Eleanor Roosevelt’s contribution to life as we know it because when life lessons come from Disney they just stick better. You should never allow anyone to try to change or love only parts of you, or even try to mould you to fit some vision they have. This is incredibly toxic and you need to cut such people out of your life, swiftly. You have been you, are you and will continue to be you ’till the day you die. Be what makes you feel at peace on the inside forget about any boxes that are out there. 

The people you keep around you are paramount. They are your tribe, your chosen family, your people…you guys for the most part are on the same wavelength and keep the good vibes steady. Protect your space from anyone who speaks ill of you, people that ain’t got your back, people who continuously disappoint you with no change to their behaviour. I know that many a times this can leave you wondering what you’ve done wrong but ulitmately the way people act or what they say is a reflection of their heart not yours. Don’t be hard on yourself for things that are out of your control.

In no way, shape or form shall you EVER let ANYBODY disrespect you, both in the most blatant ways but also when people are taking advantage of you. Be good to people, be there for them but don’t be their carpet. If you being there for someone is ultimately affecting you in the worst way and they don’t do the same for you, aren’t worthy of your love, you may have to take a couple of steps away. Don’t pour love into people who will leave you empty.

KNOW YOUR WORTH!! ‘Cause in a world of 7 billion+, the biggest lie that we have been sold is that being different is a bad thing when I see it as the cornerstone to being human. I mean even identical twins don’t have the same fingerprints…Just sayin’.

A Spotify playlist for you all! It’s all the songs I’ve had on repeat this entire week, a little 
grime and hip hop…bit of DnB, some P!nk (which is an entire genre by herself)…I’m so 

happy that some of my favourites have new music out! I actually feel like it’s ’09 with all the great singles coming out this year. What have you been listening to lately? Let me know in the comments below.



Have a great week beautiful people and I will be right here next week with more grandma Willow wisdom and some chuunes!  


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