#MindfulMondays: The 365 Day Challenge

What would be the top reasons for someone to challenge themselves with this challenge?

I would advise people to try this challenge because:

1. It’s a commitment to yourself and with the busy lives we have we tend to forget ourselves our needs and wants so if you can commit to yourself daily it nurtures your soul.

2. It can be applied to anything in your life. Some people reached out to me and said they were inspired and now they are going to try it. For some people it’s tracking their mental health, or sharing book recommendations or photography daily. It can be applied to anything you want to improve on.

3. With the continous focus on you and the focus on something you want to develop it really does boost your confidence

I really do advise anyone who is seeking personable gains to try the 365 day challenge. Even if you don’t commit to the whole 365, committing to something for yourself is so important. There is too much half-life living happening but what truly enriches you? Whatever it is that helps you, work on it.

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Muuji Kartidaada
Show your potential.
Video of Shukri’s Mural in Garowe, Somalia

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