Being a Child of the World

Do you remember the first time you felt like a new place was your home away from home? Where a culture different from the one of your birth or origin was a part of your identity?

Growing up across different cultures and having to learn different places wasn’t a privilege that I entirely understood the effects of until I got older. As a person no one ever feels comfortable being an outsider and especially not as a kid. So what better way to fit in than to get to know everything about the people around you. If culture is how we communicate, I became multilingual.

So many people I know have felt the struggle of existing in between identities and culture. There is sometimes an overwhelming expectation of choosing one over the other. Never being enough…But how about if we didn’t choose? How about if we were all the intersections along our road?

What makes you different is a blessing. I am 100% the product of the people and places that I have crossed. I always say that I learnt more from the world than I ever did in a classroom. It is a superpower. Culture is exchanged today in a way it never was, you, the person who has so many hyphens going on with your identity, you are the future. The people who learn how to understand and empathise, that can traverse this world a cultural chameleon, will be the architects of our future world.

Imagine the world we could live in if we could understand one another better. Where exchanging ideas was fostered and difference in ideas promoted and respected. Where, where you’re from is an asset and not politicised. Imagine if we could just be freely. The human story has not changed, and we can all learn from one another.

Don’t let anyone dictate who you are. You are every single ingredient of your past and present. You are rare, what a shame to hide what was meant to stand out.

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