Published: Moving to My Parents’ Homeland Helped Me Find Belonging

I took 8 months off getting published because I wanted to keep some thoughts to myself and then I found my voice again.

When you are truly a writer, you excise pieces of you all the time. You look into your darkest corners and bring to light the things that haunt you (sometimes the things that fill you with joy too, we’re not all crying at a therapist’s office…) You continuously break bones to make sense of your existence, you hope to bring some people a little solace in knowing they aren’t the only ones feeling certain complexities. You hope to find some meaning for yourself.

I took somewhat of a hiatus to just be still. What happens when I don’t analyse, when I don’t live in my head so much searching? What happens when I just let days melt into themselves? Well I found that I catch up with myself in my present state, not who I was or will be but who I am.

In October 2017 I posted this on my SnapChat story.

Three years later, a story of mine got published in Conde´ Nast Traveler, which still feels incredibly surreal. Mama we ain’t in print yet but we here still!

Somalia is a wondrous place that made a nomad like me feel rooted for the first time in my life. Living in between and across cultures is the reality of the majority of people on Earth and belonging is truly so transformative. Yet, the heartbreaking thing is that no matter how obvious it is that the human need and want are pretty universal, so many of us still can’t accept that our individual stories and contexts fit into a larger story of humanity and it is important for us to come together in understanding and compassion. It’s so important to not let other people hijack our narratives, and for us to put out the stories that reflect our reality. That’s what I try to do with anything and everything I put out in this world, in whatever medium or capacity.

I felt very overwhelmed by the response to this story and how not only did people resonate, but so many were exciting about the prospect of being able to visit one day. That just warms my spirit.

You can read the story here:

Let me know what you think! ❤

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