Your Mindset Sets You Up For Life.

Lately, I’ve been putting up short videos on IG talking about real everyday issues that we all deal with, and personal stories and I’ve been receiving a lot of positive feedback, which I am eternally grateful for. Most of the time it’s more of self-reflection, but I recognise that people are connecting to it so we’re doing more of it. Towards the end of last year I decided to lean into everything that I am without compartmentalising or editing, which on the other end also meant holding myself accountable. We have control of how we react to whatever we are met with and how we choose to move forward. This also requires a level of self-awareness and ownership of who we are, which is work. Many times the thought of taking an L, or others’ perception of your life will subconsciously affect how we react or move in our lives.

‘Once you’ve accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you.’ – George R.R. Martin

Allow yourself to be as you are. Show yourself the same more understanding, support and empathy than you show the people you care about the most. When you put all your chips on the table and are so solid in who you are that you reveal the true you, there is nothing that can stop. You welcome your L’s and own them because that is the only way that you will learn and grow but it also begins to make your story yours.

“and if your gift is to make people. feel.

something. do not cover that in apology.

do not lie. to accommodate others’ fear

of feeling.” – nayyirah waheed

In hindsight I can pinpoint moments in my life where something happened or someone said something and I subconcisouly switched off parts of me. Muted. Altering my path unknowingly and I guess I had to understand my own power, potential and weaknesses because had I gotten exactly the life I envisioned at 16, 18, 21, I would have been less of who I am. I have apologised enough, so it’s time to story tell.

You being on this planet was a 400 trillion to 1 chance, but you’re here, which means that you are here to fulfill a destiny. To tell a story that is worth those odds. You woke up this morning, which means you’re not done. Yes it gets tough. Yes it’s unfair sometimes. But having faith that nothing in life is ever temporary is the cheat code. This is not your permanent state.

We live in a world that fits us into boxes, puts labels on us and convinces us that there is a way that we’re supposed to be. You’re not meant to be anything except yourself. Reach through the noise and listen to the deepest parts of who you are. Own it and bring it forward. Tell your story. Telling your story is the real currency of life, that is where connection begins and, as I am learning to be more comfortable with, attention.  If you have a life altering dream, then you need to put yourself out there, put out your guides to web design, help people learn how to edit photos, talk about how you got through your darkest times. You are a rarity in your existence, so tell me about yourself, I want to know.

Too many decisions are being made factoring in the past and not considering the future – Gary Vaynerchuk

DO what brings you ultimate happiness and fulfillment, anything else is a waste of time and energy. It’s your perspective. I remember us moving to Malawi when I was 8 and meeting kids that are my age and younger, who had lost their parents, who were HIV infected and yet were happy. People who have almost nothing but their view on this thing called life fills your soul with such peace.

PERSPECTIVE. PATIENCE. GRATITUDE. Stop searching and pondering, just DO.


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  1. Do more now. So true. Thanks for the encouragement here.


    1. No worries, glad you enjoyed the read!


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