Self-Care Tips For When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed By The Feed

It’s been a really tough 5 months and I don’t know what else to do than to try and put my mind to good use and be of value in the midst of a lot of noise and outrage online. Race-based trauma & stress are real. This is a serious public health issue and can trigger depression, anxiety, inability to sleep, apathy and avoidance. So I put this list together for us all to know how to take care of yourself and each other.

1. You don’t have to watch that video. You are allowed to switch off the news or put away your phone when it gets too much. If you can’t emotionally handle it, you can set boundaries to remove anything that could cause trauma….

2. You can take a break from engaging with trolls or trying to educate gens on race and racism. You are grieving, you are tired and you don’t have to explain your humanity and why you deserve to have equal rights to anybody. Block & muet when necessary. (also non-black friends…this is not le temps to ask for explanations but to use the resources and mind you have to get educated).

3. Step away from your laptop. Be aware of the measures you need to abide by during this pandemic, but spend some time under the sun, outside. Go for a walk, have more plants around you at home. Get your eyes used to things other than that screen.

4. Create something. Channel your energy into writing, painting, poetry, gardening, pottery…whatever activity you find joy in, spend some time with it.

5. Your feelings are valid and no one can tell you how or when you should feel. Cry, scream, be sad, and angry…it’s okay. You are continuously being triggered through a negative feedback loop and you identify with the people being brutalised. You have every right to fo through the emotions you are so take your time.

6. Watch funny movies, comedy, TikToks…wherever you find laughter online, go ahead and binge.

7. Physical and spiritual activity. Channel the energy into yoga, prayer, sports, meditation, dance, breathing exercises, and grounding exercise

8. Ensure you are keeping hydrated, eating, sleeping, showering and généralement taking care of yourself.

9. Support. Talk to your family and friends. Reach out to people that you think may be struggling. Connect with a therapist, counsellor or a faith leader in your community.

10. (remember pandemic) human touch reduces stress and anxiety so get your hugs in people!

I also spoke a bit about this in last week’s #MindfulMonday video below:

As mentioned in the video I have put together a free download, a 30 Day Journal Challenge that anyone can use to reflect and guide their thinking during this time. Have a try and let me know what you think.


3 responses to “Self-Care Tips For When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed By The Feed”

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  2. Love this. Online content can be too overwhelming sometimes such that if you don’t take breaks you start losing yourself + your mind in the midst of it all.

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    1. This is so true! I’m glad you enjoyed reading this! ❤


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