You have to sometimes leave to find your way back

You know how sometimes you feel yourself coming to a crossroad in your life, where changes are happening and you didn’t have a say in any of them. That is the place that I was in, the anxiety felt overwhelming and the feeling like I was accomplishing nothing was even worse. It’s the motions of life to be honest but when you’re in the thick of it it just feels all the more serious.

[I spoke about this on my first official YouTube video]

So I did what I always do, escape. I headed to Zanzibar, with the fam, and that’s how my September began.

21433935_1807428192882786_2167642596694818816_n.jpg21294582_120996555226499_2098434056327790592_n (1).jpg

I came back to Nairobi clear headed, filled with energy and ideas…I came back ready to take risks. This for someone like myself who is always inhibited is a huge breakthrough and I think it came from the self-care, deciding to put myself ahead of anything and everyone.

I don’t understand how we double tap, like, share Instagram and Tumblr poets who romanticise loneliness, heartbreak and depression and actually think that wallowing in pain and despair is a healthy way to live. Self care is not selfish. It does not take away from you being there for the people you love, if anything it makes sure that you can be an even better friend, partner, parent to them.

21372084_1289680064491758_6223171702235332608_n (1).jpgSo I would urge many of you to just take some ‘me’ time when you need it, you’re not gonna miss out on anything. Seek the quiet, look inward and just be in the moment away from the noise of everyday life. Here are some tips to get you in a better mood:

Self-Care tips.jpg

Blocking out all the noise also meant that I wasn’t really listening to much music, which if you know me is a big deal. But I have rounded up a playlist of my 10 most played songs from September up on YouTube.

explore (8).jpg

Of course as usual I will be putting up some new photos from my Zanzibar trip because there are never enough beach photos on the web.

Tell me about your September, did you have some goals you accomplished? Was it not what you expected?

Until next time,✌🏾



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